msg_parser Documentation Status Updates

Python module for parsing outlook msg files.


  • Parse MSG file.
  • Convert MSG file to EML file.
  • Output MSG file as JSON string.
  • Handles nested MSG/EML attachments.
  • Works 100% on Linux machines, do not require any windows libraries.


  • Basic installation

    pip install msg_parser
  • With RTF decompression

    pip install msg_parser[rtf]


  • Run CLI command

    $ msg_parser --help
      usage: msg_parser [-h] -i FILE [-j] [-e EML_FILE]
     Microsoft Message Parser
     optional arguments:
         -h, --help            show this help message and exit
         -i FILE, --input FILE
                               msg file path
         -j, --json            output parsed msg as json to console
         -e EML_FILE, --eml EML_FILE
                               provide email file path to save as eml file.
  • Import in python modules

    from msg_parser import MsOxMessage
    msg_obj = MsOxMessage(msg_file_path)
    json_string = msg_obj.get_message_as_json()
    msg_properties_dict = msg_obj.get_properties()
    saved_path = msg_obj.save_email_file(output_eml_file_path)